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Guiding & motivating companies towards achieving their most audacious Strategic Goals and transforming their businesses in a more lean and agile manner through the implementation of a unique OKRs-driven Management Framework ©  



For the past 20 years, senior leadership in top-tier and fast-growing companies, such as Google, Amazon, IKEA, Netflix, Walmart, Deutsche Telekom etc., as well as their top leadership have been using the OKR methodology (Objectives & Key Results).


OKRs constitute the most successful Agile Management & Goal-setting system.


OKRs usage provides companies with a holistic oversight of all goals and processes, leading to a high growth rate, cost reduction, enhanced cross-team alignment, as well as a high degree of both employee satisfaction and engagement in the company's vision.  

Objective & Key Results


Our Services

From Strategy to Business Outputs in 4 Steps


Strategic Focus

We empower Businesses Owners, Chief Officers and Management Executives to define their Ultimate OKR (3-5 years), the Strategic Pillars, and their yearly top priorities


Agile Annual Planning

We guide executive teams through determining their yearly OKRs  to achieve both sustainable long-term growth and the respective Operational Goals and KPIs to ensure and maintain short and mid-term business stability


Execution Engagement

We enable teams to align and define team-level OKRs  to ensure optimal strategy execution. We co-create their Agile Performance Management System, by integrating both their OKRs and Operational Goals



Executive Empowerment

We coach and facilitate C-level executives to discover and set up their  professional Ultimate OKR and determine the appropriate actions towards their successful future self portrait


alto V alue

altoValue was founded to facilitate companies and organizations achieve their business goals & transformation in a more lean and rapid manner, based on the OKRs-driven Management Framework


Manos Koumantakis

Founder, Senior Business Transformation Consultant & OKRs Coach

  • 20+ years in the  Digital Strategy & Business Transformation

  • Consulting & coaching C-level Executives across Europe on Digital Transformation & eBusiness Strategy

  • Cooperating with or consulting more than  
    companies such:
    Microsoft, Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline,  Cosmote,  Société Générale,  Wind, ANT1 Media Group,  Intracom,  Boussias,  etc.


Stavros Giannetsos

CoFounder, Senior Strategy Consultant
& OKRs Coach

  • 20+ years at C-level  positions in multinational companies, Janssen – a Johnson & Johnson company, Roche, and Eli Lilly

  • As a Strategy Director in Janssen EMEA he contributed to the extended leadership team in EMEA’s mid-sized markets comprising of 31 countries.  Member of Janssen Management Board in Greece for a decade leading high performing cross-functional teams.

Dimitris_Lioulias 2_1.jpeg

Dimitris Lioulias

Senior Business Advisor

  • +20 years at C-level positions in multinationals Telcos & Consulting in Europe & MENA in Strategy & Digital Transformation 

  • Ex Vice-President Corporate Strategy at Saudi Telecom Company

  • Group COO , LAP GreenN Group,  UAE  -  Principal,  Delta Partners Group, UAE –  Director Telecoms,  Antenna Media Group,  GR -  Head of Corporate Strategy, Orange NL


Karastergios Angelos_3.jpg

A. Karastergios

EVP  Operations,
Qualco Technology

We started our OKRs Journey working with Felipe Castro in our baby steps back in 2020, and in 2021 we decided to build a partnership with alto V alue , a promising Greek Company.


In the last two years working closely with alto V alue, we improved and simplified our process , getting OKRs & Operational KPIs run seamlessly to execute our Strategy and successfully increased the focus and our teams' alignment and motivation. Looking back, we are very proud of both in our choices.


Thanks, Felipe, Manos & Stavros, for your contribution to our evolution

Arvanitidis Ananias_2.jpg

Ananias Arvanitidis

Owner & Managing Director

alto V alue, thanks to its long-standing experience and deep knowledge of the OKR methodology, acted as our company growth booster. In cooperation with our executive team, they managed to help us create our vision, become aligned, and start implementing our best future version. I am convinced that they have been the most significant form of assistance we have ever had.

Agolini Simona_3.jpg

Simona Agolini

CEO & Co-founder

alto V alue comes with a wealth of business experience and an in-depth understanding about what it takes to be successful in the digital space.


They are able to look at the business objectively and help steer the internal conversations to come up with the right answer for your business.

Boussias Michalis_2.jpg

Michalis Boussias

Publisher & CEO

I have been experimenting with OKRs for the past 5 years. Nonetheless, I have never worked with a certified OKRs coach before, which made a huge difference. OKRs have endowed us with clarity regarding our objectives, and alignment; and thus, I feel empowered and so does my team. 

Pitsika Rebecca_2.jpg

Rebecca Pitsika

Owner & CEO

In PfB we have a very ambitious strategic plan for the years 2020-2025 - and we found at alto V alue the partner to support this plan . Working step by step with altoValue the OKRs methodology keep us on track, enhances our commitment and accountability and gives us the clarity to proceed and readjust towards our ultimate goal.

Koukios Christos_2.jpg

Christos Koukios

ex Group People Director
Qualco Group

alto V alue has brought clarity and understanding to our OKR journey and helped us implement OKRs in a very pragmatic way.


The blended learning coaching sessions really helped the Executive Management teams of 3 companies belonging to our Group, understand what OKRs are, how they should be linked with Strategy execution and how to align them across the Organizations

Ntotsikas Odysseas_2.jpg

Od. Ntotsikas

Founder and Managing Partner at Think Digital Group

altoValue helped TDG companies sharpen their OKRs and trained their teams to achieve maximum alignment and effectiveness. Their experience with group dynamics and change management has been fundamental in achieving the needed level of adoption.

Konstantinis Aris_2.jpg

Aris Konstantinis

Founder & CEO

We've been working with alto V alue's OKRs-driven management and they've helped me to define and clarify both Spicy's Ultimate OKR and the Strategy to achieve it. altoValue coached me and the Management Team to become inspired, aligned & committed to our Vision.


We've already achieved our 2021 OKRs and we know that thanks to altoValue's guidance we are off to reach our North Star.

Serpetsidakis Michalis_3.jpg

M. Serpetzidakis

Owner & CEO

Working with alto V alue has been an outstanding experience . Since the first year of OKRs implementation, we managed to reach a growth rate of 25% thanks to alto V alue's expertise , services, and recommendations.  Truly a powerful force to work with.


Companies we work with


Companies using 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


OKRs have helped lead us to 10x growth, many times over

Larry Page


OKRs are how companies fulfill their mission while staying aligned with their vision and values.

Jeff Weiner

CEO - Founder


Benefits of OKRs 

Supervisory control of objectives

Flexibility in decision making

Rapid Growth

Decision making based on  data

Goal achievement

Strategy Implementation

Group coordination




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